Feeding Therapy

Types of Feeding Problems:

Picky Eaters - When a child has a very narrow repertoire of foods they will eat

Muscle Based - When oral musculature (hypotonia or hypertonia) impacts feeding

Medically Involved - Feeding problems as a result of medical conditions and history

Dysphagia - (medical term for swallowing dysfunction) can occur in the oral phase of hte swallow or in the paryngeal phase both types may require intervention.

Sensory Based - When a child's sensory system impacts feeding

Sensory Food Aversion - Sensory feeding program not solely based on a medical condition

Intensive Feeding Home Based Therapy Program Available
(only one family at a time)

This intensive feeding program is highly customized to your child and family. It is about resetting expectations for the WHOLE family regarding food and how your child reacts to it.

Red Flags for Sensory Food Aversion:

  • Consistent food refusal for at least 1 month
  • Onset at time of food/drink transition
  • Refusal after 1 episode-generalization
  • Reluctant with new foods - no difficulty with preferred foods
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Not related to trauma, food allergies or other medical illness.

Defined by Chatoor, 2009